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How to Get In and Out of The Kayak

Aug. 10, 2021


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Before you learn how to ride in a kayak, you first need to learn how to get in and out of a kayak. Getting in and out of a kayak can be tricky, but we’re confident that after a little practice, you’ll catch on quickly. Put simply, there are three different ways in which you will likely enter a kayak — from the shore, from a dock, or from deep water. Each option has its advantages and challenges.

How to Get In the Kayak

The easy way

For beginners in kayaking, it is easier to enter the kayak from the shore. You can put your kayak on the shore, as close as possible to the shoreline. Then you sit in and push yourself off the bank until your kayak is on the water. If you are worried about sharp objects on the ground scratching the kayak, please move it into shallow water before entering.

The easier way

It is very convenient to enter the kayak from the dock, but there are also some precautions.

1. Make sure that the kayak is parallel to the dock when pulling the kayak from the dock into the water.

2. Use the weight of the paddle to keep the kayak still. Put one end of the paddle on the kayak and the other end on the dock to prevent the kayak from moving. At the same time, pay attention to the placement of the pulp in a range that is easy to grasp.

3. Keep your center of gravity low. When you enter the kayak, first sit on the edge of the pier and put your feet in the kayak. Then quickly lower your body towards the head of the kayak and enter. At the same time, the higher the height, the lower the body.

The hard way

In the event that the kayak tilts and causes you to slip into the water during the journey, you may need to enter the kayak from deeper water. This may be the hardest way to get into kayaking, but you can do it with patience. You can try the following steps:

First, stretch your arms through the seat opening. Place one hand on the side of the kayak closest to you and the other on the other side.

Then pull yourself onto the kayak so that the belly button is above the seat. Your legs will still be about halfway in the water.

Next, turn around and let your hips sit in the seat. Your legs will still dangle in the water, but now most of your body should be on the kayak.

Finally, Make sure the kayak is stable, pull your feet in, and place them in front of you.

It is worth noting: You should maintain its stability throughout the process of entering the kayak. Avoid swinging the kayak from side to side or even turning it over. So patience is very important.

How to Get Out of The Kayak

How to leave the kayak is easy, just follow the reverse steps to complete.

When leaving onshore, paddling the kayak into shallow water or as close to land as possible. Stand firmly from the kayak and get out of the kayak.

When leaving the kayak on the dock, turn your body to the dock and then pull yourself out of the kayak.

Boarding a kayak is the beginning of a pleasant journey. In addition to the proficiency of skills, the performance of the kayak is also your first consideration. For the safety of your family, friends, and yourself, we recommend to you the kayaks made by PINO TECHNOLOGY. Safe, stable, and high-quality kayaks make your water journey more memorable. If you need them, please feel free to contact us.

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