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Be Careful When Kayaking

Dec. 21, 2020

Be Careful When Kayaking

Kayak is a very old and broad concept. Kayak has been around since man mastered the flint ax. They were originally made of leather or hollowed-out tree trunks. They could also be called canoes (now Hong Kong, Macau, China). , still used in Taiwan), known in English as KAYAK. According to historical records, the founders of canoes were the Eskimos of Greenland. It is made of animal skin and animal bones and is mainly used for hunting and fishing. Today, canoeing is developed and promoted as a recreational sport.

It is only a few steps from land to water, but the impact of perspective is not felt by people who have not been in the water. On the water, what you see, hear, think, and feel are all new and surprising experiences!

However, there are certain risks in outdoor sports, and every boater should make plans for various accidents. Of course, there is no need to be too nervous, it is most important to maintain a relaxed mood. The kayak manufacturer will introduce some precautions for kayaking:

1. Physical state

Outdoor sports have certain requirements for physical health.

People who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, eye diseases, and other symptoms should not participate. People who are tired, sick, full, fasted, in bad mood, or drinking too much should not participate.

2. Follow the rules

You must make a correct assessment of your own abilities, and you must not be aggressive in outdoor sports, you must do what you can.

Don't play around in the water, try to avoid dangerous moves to avoid capsizing the boat, and don't make jokes about calling for help.


3. Warm-up

Warm-up exercises must be done before entering the water to relax the limbs.

4. Wear a life jacket

Before entering the water, you must wear a life jacket. Choose the size that suits you, not too large or too small.

To prevent accidentally falling into the water, the life jacket may detach from the person due to buoyancy.

5. After launching

Avoid rowing alone.

Avoid rowing too far from the shore.

Avoid boating near the route.

Carry fresh water and energy food.

6. Capsize

Don't panic, get on and out of the cabin with your feet hard.

Push the paddle into the bottom of the water and use the strong water flow from the bottom to pull people and kayaks out of the water.

When the water comes out, grab the side of the ship's gunwale. Use the buoyancy of the life jacket and the power of pedaling to turn the boat around to avoid sinking to the bottom of the cabin.

Grab the bow or stern of the boat and return yourself and the boat to the nearest shore.

After all, most of us are not professional athletes. When we go out to play, the most important thing is to relax! Therefore, we must put safety first!

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