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Recreational vs. Touring Kayak

Jun. 21, 2021

The difference between a recreational kayak and a touring kayak has always plagued many people who are new to this sport. Some people think that recreational boats are cheap touring kayaks. They may be correct to some extent; travel kayaks are usually more expensive because, in addition to better materials, they also have more functions.

But the price is not the only difference; recreational kayaks are designed for different oarsmen, not their traveling counterparts. It is important that you choose the right kayak based on the conditions you want to enter and the best kayak you can afford.

What is a recreational kayak?

Recreational kayaks are usually made of polyethylene. They are mainly used by beginners and others who paddle mainly on lakes and slow-moving streams.

The most obvious advantage of recreational kayaks is that they are much cheaper than touring kayaks. They are built with cheaper materials (such as polyethylene) and usually lack features that make cruise ships easier to operate. Cheaper materials also have disadvantages; recreational boats are heavier than touring kayaks, which are usually made of carbon fiber or similar lightweight composite materials.

Recreational kayaks are also a few inches wider than touring kayaks, which gives them extra stability. This is not only a great feature for novices, but also for anyone planning to fish or take pictures on their boat and doesn't want it to shake when they fumble for the equipment.

However, this extra width also has some disadvantages-the ship cannot "pass" strong currents and winds, nor can it act like a narrower cruise ship. The extra width will also cause more resistance, so in a recreational kayak, you can't paddle that fast. Of course, it contributes heavier weight.

Finally, recreational kayaks are usually one to two feet shorter than touring kayaks. The shorter length makes it easier for them to turn, but it also weakens their tracking ability (straight line of the paddle). In addition to the slower speed, this can be a major drawback for those who want to take their kayaks for long-term adventures. Contact us about our products.



What is a touring kayak?

Touring kayaks are regarded as upgraded to recreational kayaks because they are longer, thinner, and equipped with various features that can attract serious kayaking enthusiasts who want to paddle faster and farther.

One of the biggest differences between touring kayaks and recreational kayaks is the design of the hull. The design of recreational boats is stable and easy to use, while the design of touring kayaks is to increase buoyancy in turbulent waters in fast water currents, so they will not be submerged by waves.

Turn these two types of kayaks over, and you will find that the hull of a touring kayak is more aggressive than the hull of a recreational kayak. However, this hull design is a trade-off, providing speed at the expense of stability. Therefore, for inexperienced rowers, touring kayaks will feel "uncomfortable".

Touring kayaks are several feet long, and this extra length significantly affects their handling. The longer the boat, the more difficult it is to turn, but the easier it is to go straight. Imagine that touring kayaks have greater inertia than recreational kayaks; they refuse to change the route. Contact us about our company.



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