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Simple Kayak Racing Rules Suitable For Recreation

Sep. 07, 2021



The professional competition rules of kayaking are not suitable for a group of people playing together on a daily basis. Here comes a simple and easy-to-follow race rule.

Competition rules

1. Two contestants are a pair. 

2. Participants must wear life jackets and helmets.

3. One paddle for each participant and one kayak for each team.

4. Self-supporting rafting is the only way to assist the participants in case of safety hazards.

5. Due to the special characteristics of the river, the race is divided into groups, and the boats are sent out at intervals (30 seconds for one boat).

6 Participants start from the drifting starting point on the dock by kayak along the drifting river until the end of the lower dock, the shortest time to win. Each group will take the top five to enter the final. (After the end of each group, the judges will tally the results of the rafting contestants, and then the president will announce the results of each contestant in front of the podium in the parking lot of the upper pier).

7. Participants shall not intentionally block or pull other boats in the normal course of the race.

8. The kayaks of the contestants will be numbered uniformly as the order number determined when the contestants draw lots for the race. The draw number and the raft number are the same.

9. Those who drink alcohol before the race and those who have health problems cannot participate.

10. If participants violate the above rules, the judges will cancel their race results.

Safety Precautions

1. In case of rapids and dangerous shoals during the race, the participants must put their oars in place, sit well and hold on to the pullers on both sides of the boat with both hands.

2. Participants must sit in the cabin of the boat during the race, not along the edge of the boat, in case they are thrown out of the boat and fall into the water or collide with the rock wall. 

3. It is strictly forbidden to take off the life jacket and helmet during the race.

4. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, disability, malignant lesions, and other diseases or medical history that hinder the movement, pregnant women, etc. are not friendly to participate in the race.


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