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A Beginner's Guide to Kayaking: Six Misunderstandings about Kayaking

Aug. 03, 2021

You like kayaking and want to try it. But you are worried that it is difficult to learn and requires a lot of athletic ability and strength. You are also worried that turbulent waves and strong winds will overturn your kayak and cause you to face serious danger. Well, we will answer these questions. Finally, we hope you will find that kayaking is a relaxing and wonderful outdoor experience. And you will overcome all fears based on misunderstandings and start your first kayaking trip.



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Misunderstanding 1: Kayaking is hard to learn.

Kayaking is not as difficult to learn as you think. You only need to master some basic skills to paddle effectively. You need a good instructor to help you learn how to enter and exit the kayak, how to perform forward and backward strokes to turn the boat, and some safety lessons. With these skills, you can enjoy kayaking.


Misunderstanding 2: Kayaking requires a lot of strength and athleticism?

The requirements for strength and athletic ability are not high. In fact, a lot of power makes it difficult to learn how to paddle effectively. Most people with strong arms and upper bodies tend to rely more on their arms to kayak. This is very inefficient and will make you feel sore and tired quickly. The correct way of paddling is to use the torso and core to push the boat forward, put the oar in the water and rotate the core of the body to almost pulling the body towards the oar.

When paddling, remember to always pay attention to what is happening in your arm. If they feel sore and tired when you paddle, then you are most likely not fully using your core.


Misunderstanding 3: Kayaking is too hard for ordinary women.

It depends on whether you have mastered efficient methods. If you only use your muscles instead of your torso and core, then you will feel tired and sore. However, if you first learn how to paddle correctly and effectively, you will be able to paddle for hours, or even a whole day, without feeling overly tired or sore. Paddling is a simple body rotation concept that most beginners can grasp immediately. Women usually have inherent core strength and a lower center of gravity and are more likely to master this concept faster than men.


Misunderstanding 4: The kayak can tip over easily and you will get stuck, or it will be difficult to get upright.

Different types of kayaks have different stability. Some are easy to tip over, some are not. The important thing is to choose a kayak that suits your abilities. For starters, a wide boat with a large cockpit (such as a day trip or recreational kayak) provides good stability.

What if your boat capsizes? Well, if the boat is installed properly, you are less likely to get stuck. Gravity will help you fall from an upside-down kayak, especially if you are not wearing a kayak skirt. If you are wearing a kayak skirt, you need to pull the loop of the skirt and loosen it before disembarking. Before starting the kayaking trip, find an excellent instructor to teach you how to properly exit the kayak until you are proficient.


Misunderstanding 5: Kayaking in high winds and waves is dangerous.

If you choose a trip that suits your skill level and goals and are fully prepared for it, then even wind, storm or waves will not put you in danger. Kayaking will provide you with wonderful adventure stories to share with your friends and family. Watching the rain line on the water or knowing that you are about to get wet can actually make paddling more exciting. If you are prepared for the waves, wind, and weather, they will only make your outing fun and unforgettable. For example, you should bring raincoats and changing shirts in summer, and proper paddling equipment and extra clothes in winter to keep you warm and dry. Also make sure you know the travel location, potential weather, paddling conditions, and what you need to bring in advance.

Misunderstanding 6: Kayaking requires a lot of expensive equipment.

Like all outdoor sports, kayaking requires some equipment such as oars, boats, skirts, gloves, moisture-wicking clothes, rain gear and PFD. Of course, some equipment may be a bit expensive, but most of them are easy to rent. You can also use the same wicking suit, rain gear, and kayaking gloves used for hiking and biking adventures.


At PINO TECHNOLOGY, we provide stable, comfortable and safe kayaks to meet your goals. You can spend a wonderful day in our kayaks. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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